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A wholistic approach to your wellbeing, awakening the wisdom of your body to heal and rebalance itself...

Our Naturopathic services offer support, guidance and education so that you can enjoy true wellness in your life.

Our Naturopathic department is headed up by Tiina Hogg, our co-owner and creator. All Naturopaths meet with Tiina after each consultation, to ensure you receive the very best treatment possible. Tiina has extensive experience, both here and overseas, and brings her broad knowledge base, and the belief that ‘two heads are better than one’ to discuss all cases and treatments together with your chosen Naturopath.

Our Naturopathic treatments begin by getting to know you, and understanding your story, deeply and well. We aim to construct a time line of your entire history, taking the time to understand and uncover the root causes of what has led to your health concerns today – quite often, they’re not what you’d expect them to be!

Blending together the wisdom of the ages with traditional herbal medicine and nutritional foundations, we combine this and the latest understanding of the miraculous human body to create a ‘whole person’ bespoke treatment, specifically designed for you.

We are passionate about treating all conditions, including the very complex and chronic. No two treatment plans are ever the same.

We love hearing “you’re my last hope” because we’ve seen first hand the completely amazing health gains people are able to make, when they dedicate themselves to becoming well again alongside monitored and guided treatment. All Naturopaths at Saltuary undertake continuous training and are registered professionals with natural heath associations.

“We are very complex and multi faceted beings, but everything in and about us, is inextricably connected in this beautiful web that is ‘you’.”

Areas we love working with include:

  • Mental health
  • Reproductive concerns – fertility, menstrual / hormonal problems
  • Detoxification – beneficial for so many health concerns
  • New parents, and getting them firing on all cylinders again
  • Those feeling fatigued, tired and generally a bit ‘blah’
  • Chronic immune challenges, including Candida
  • Cardiovascular concerns, especially working to prevent these
  • Digestive troubles
  • Skin health (always an inside job folks!)
  • Fat loss, and many more.

Our team work closely together with our other in house therapists, including our Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and other Remedial Therapists.

Our Naturopaths are all University trained and qualified.

Tiina’s training includes:

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) – University of New England
  • Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition – ACNT
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice – Institute of Functional Medicine, USA
  • International Congress on Natural Medicine
    • 2015 (Digestive health)
    • 2016 (Cardiometabolic Conditions)
    • 2017 (Microbiome)
    • 2018 (Functional Endocrinology)
  • MINDD Forums 2015, 2016, 2017 ( – Focused on optimising genetic health with regards to special needs, mental health, physical needs
  • Numerous smaller seminars on topics including Adrenal Fatigue, Methylation, Cardiovascular Conditions, Digestive Disorders, Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Nutrigenomics, Organic Acids Testing, Diabetes, Blood Sugar Imbalances, Metabolic Syndrome, loads of Herbal Medicine and Nutritional seminars, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Bach Flower Essences, and many, many more…

Prior to your initial consultation, you will be given paperwork to complete. This allows you to begin the process of getting all your health concerns onto paper – a very beneficial mental dump! This must be brought along completed to your consultation.

Please allow around an hour for your initial consultation as we comprehensively work through your history together. If you have any recent / relevant health or blood tests, please ensure you bring them along with you.

You can expect to be treated with the foundation that food and your lifestyle really is your ultimate medicine. This is generally coupled with herbal medicines to support your wellness needs, as well as nutritional supplements.

Depending on your health concern/s, follow up consultations are usually scheduled every 2 to 4 weeks after your initial consultation as a way to touch base and monitor your progress.

Naturopathy is synergistic with the very idea of life itself. Life is all about ebb and flow, as is the health of our body, mind and spirit throughout life. Different stages of life, coupled with different states of health, emotions, experiences and other lifestyle decisions all merge to create our ‘whole’ being. A being, whose chemistry can change from moment to moment. 

In our naturopathic consults, we take you – the whole & unique you – into account. We listen to your story, your history, your goals and your dreams. We look and listen for symptoms – this is how your body communicates with us. 

We are there to support, guide, educate and inspire you. Nothing fills us with more gratitude than seeing one of our clients ‘fly off into the sunset’ so to speak, having achieved their health goals. We will admit to being just as deeply grateful when those clients return again, after reaching some other fork in the road of the their journey, and choosing us once again, to help guide them with their health care once more.. ”


Safe journey to wellness

Tiina beautifully combines her naturopathic knowledge with her kind heart to create an open & safe journey to wellness. Meghan Gillet


The naturopath Tiina was fantastic!!

The naturopath Tiina was fantastic!! So informative and tailored a treatment exactly to my needs. I’m already feeling better after taking the remedies she recommended. I look forward to returning soon to try out other treatments. Charlie Monti


Tiina is wonderful to work with!

Tiina is wonderful to work with! She really listens and treats the body as a whole. I’ve been seeing her for a few years now and there are always pieces of the puzzle to add into my wellness journey. She is empathetic and devotes her all to helping all those who meet her. Stephanie Ruggiero



  • Initial Consultation


    Private health rebates apply. Supplements not included. * please note, that cancellations within a 24 hour period of your booking attract a charge.

  • Follow Up Consultation


    Can only be purchased after initial consultation. Private health rebates apply. * please note, that cancellations within a 24 hour period of your booking attract a charge.