The soothing light of our infrared saunas

Light and wavelengths

Light exposure is essential for humans. The amount of exposure directly impacts our health. Most people are doused by artificial indoor UV light these days – not the kind we need!

Light is made up of wavelengths, including infrared. Our infrared saunas offer this, as does our Sun. This type of light wavelength enhances our health and gives us a sense of wellbeing. It’s a beneficial and welcome wavelength for our body.
The Sun emits different wavelengths:
– visible (the colours of a rainbow)
– infrared, and
– ultraviolet.
Similar to photosynthesis in plants, we absorb these wavelengths and convert them into energy.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas utilise these beneficial wavelengths. Traditional saunas use steam and humidity. Traditional saunas heat the air around us first, whereas infrared heats our body directly (without any water or steam), leaving the air very comfortable to breathe.
Our saunas heating technology produces wavelengths between 6-12 microns, optimal for the human body. Our body recognises and readily accepts this, allowing it to penetrate about 40mm deep. Its a familiar heat source – akin to standing in the shade of a tree on a summers day. This soothes our body and we absorb it readily.
The benefits of this technology include stress release, detoxification, pain relief from the enhanced circulation, immune stimulation (acts as an artificial fever), metabolic benefits and more.
We have 2 saunas at each of our centres offering 1000 watts of full spectrum infrared heat! ‘Full spectrum’ means you receive every beneficial ray that our Sun gives aside from the damaging UV. This equates to a balanced mix of near, mid and far infrared.
Near infrared: The shortest wavelength. Offers most benefit just below the skin’s surface to create a sweat.
Mid infrared: A longer wavelength, penetrates deeper to soft tissue, increasing circulation and releasing oxygen to reach injured areas.
Far infrared: Longest wavelength. Penetrates fat cells, helping to expel toxins, resulting in detoxification and stimulating metabolism.
Our saunas are 3 person saunas, and whilst you are very welcome to bring another along, you are also very welcome to enjoy the space all by yourself!
Friends that sweat together stay together!
For the month of February, you are welcome to bring a second person into your sauna session with you for free!  Additional people are usually charged at $25pp.  Book your next sauna session now.