The Importance of Scars in Acupuncture

When treating the body with acupuncture, we look at where the physical problems arise and then at the meridian it affects. There are twelve major meridians in the body, which are considered energy pathways. Each meridian not only relates to an organ, but also to emotions.

If the meridian has a blockage, or an injury on its pathway in the body, it can have a knock on effect by hindering the flow of energy, and causing imbalances.

When a scar has formed on the body, the location hampers the flow of the meridian that is impacted, therefore the scar may have an ongoing effect on the persons wellbeing.  

“The treatment used when treating scars, is incredibly gentle – this is how I prefer to treat, gentle encouragement to the body. This type of treatment has a personal significance to me; I remember the first time I had it performed on myself with a major scar I have, and the change I experienced after it. It was astounding to me, the changes on the scar itself, how it softened, and did not ‘pull’ as much after receiving the treatment.” Kathryn Smith, Saltuary Wentworth Point, Acupuncturist

The treatment involves the placement of foil over the scar, and connecting an ‘ion’ pumping cord to it. This cord is attached to the foil, and then to a point that helps soften the scar – again allowing the body to heal itself with gentle guidance. This treatment helps move the ‘positive ions’ out of the scar and replacing them with negative ions – which is better for the body and promotes healing.  

 This is the same philosophy that we use in the salt rooms here at Saltuary – and if you’ve experienced the salt room you know how calming and relaxing it is. Simply imagine that sensation focused on a part of the body which has under gone trauma.