The benefits of going dry

Decreasing your alcohol intake is one of those things we always promise to do and never quite follow through on.

Whether it’s that sneaky glass of wine at the end of the week, or an obligatory champagne for celebrations, there’s always a reason for “just this one”.

I’m a big advocate of dry July. I always feel as though there’s a tinge of awkwardness turning down an offered drink, or skipping out on the (increasingly rare) big nights out. So Dry July not only supplied the incentive for cutting the booze (giving to a good cause), but it also provides the excuse to turn down the celebratory toast (supplementing with water, of course).

The benefit of cutting alcohol from your diet goes beyond a world of less hangovers and more money in your pocket. You are also cutting back on your sugar intake, and for the beer-drinkers, your grain intake as well.

The accumulated benefits, according to the official Dry July are:

• Increased energy levels, higher productivity
• Clearer head
• No more hangovers
• Sleeping better / snoring less
• Weight loss
• Clearer skin

I think the best benefit is the change to your habits. You realise how many other options are out there for a great night and a refreshing bev. Even if at the end, you still enjoy a few glasses hopefully you’ll have enjoyed the experience of saying “no” once in a while.