Kids salt room

Me & my 2 girls have been attending Saltuary for 5 wks using the 1 month unlimited option which we have just renewed again for another month. As the benefits my children have had from saltuary proved to be immediate.

My eldest daughter suffers with asthma & excema & my younger daughter has reoccurring ear infections & temperatures. while visiting Saltuary between  2-3 days a wk the girls health has definatly  improved.

Her excema has cleared up & she is no longer itchy & we have stopped using her preventative puffer which she normally used on a daily basis. Saltuary has assisted My younger daughter in building up her immune system.

The girls enjoy playing in the kids salt room for the 45 minute session & the ladies at Saltuary are very friendly & helpful.

I recommend Saltuary & the 1 month unlimited use option to anyone seeking to improve their children’s health..