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Mental Health

Mental Health and the Importance of Nutrition

Mental health and substance use disorders are one of the leading causes of disability globally. This includes an inability to work due to distress; loss of day to day functioning; poor relationships, etc. The two most common areas are depression and anxiety, but lets not forget other disorders including eating disorders, alcohol abuse, bipolar etc….

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Gillian Allport

Sweet 16

This year marks Gillians 16th year in clinical practice as a Chiropractor! Gillian Allport, our very own Chiropractor has been with us for the past few years and is an absolute wealth of knowledge! From the time she left school, she always knew that she’d study to be a Chiropractor. She suffered with many of…

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Five December Health Essentials

Five December Health Essentials

If you can’t get to our detoxifying and de-stressing sauna everyday, then here’s our Top Five December Health Essentials to maintain your wellbeing and to see you well through the festive season rush and fun! 1. Liver help. Most of us eat too much, drink too much, stay up too late, or take on too…

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Brittany Simuangco 596656 Unsplash

Top 5 Health Supplements For Busy Families

There are so many incredible health supplements and functional foods out there today. We cant take them all (nor do we want to!) but which ones to choose? Here’s our Top 5 health supplements for busy families: 1. Wholefood powders Whilst this is a very broad point, its really up to you what you have…

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Superfeast Tonics

Product of the Month – Superfeast Medicinal Mushrooms

This month we’re featuring the entire range by Superfeast (Medicinal Mushrooms) because we couldn’t just pick one of them due to their collective superpowers! Read on for the monthly special on them too! The Superfeast range is comprised of medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs.. so what exactly are these? Tonic Herbs Tonic herbs are known…

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