Chiropractic Care & Mental Health

When thinking about our mental health, most people probably don’t think about chiropractic care. Chiropractic care however, for what we specialise in at Saltuary, is all about that. Mark, our resident Chiropractor, with over 30 years experience, specialises in Sympathetic Dominance – a state of stress that results in many physical imbalances throughout our body.

Sympathetic Dominance is a hyper state of your nervous system that, when left untreated for too long, leads to an array of physical symptoms. Sympathetic dominance results in our digestive, hormonal and reproductive systems all being suppressed. How many of the following symptoms do you commonly suffer from?

– Tight neck and shoulders
– Sensitivity to light and noise
– Headaches and migranes
– Anxiety, depression
– Digestive issues including bloating, constipation, Crohn’s, etc
– High blood pressure
– Infertility
– Hormonal imbalances including PCOS
– Thyroid problems, etc.

If any of those sound familiar, the root of them, at least partially, if not wholly, may be rooted in your mental health and the modern day stresses we suffer from.

Stress was initially designed as a useful & life preserving tool for us humans. Back in the days when we were still cave men and women, stress shifted our body in such a way as to allow us to escape the seriously life threatening pressures of days gone by – ie: being caught as dinner for the next Wooly Mammoth you unexpectedly bypassed. In such scenarios, the stress we felt flooded our muscles with energy, beat our hearts faster to allow more blood pumping around the body, momentarily shut down our digestive systems, caused us to sweat more etc., to enable us to escape the clutches of whatever beast we were running from.

These days, we no longer find ourselves running for our lives, but we feel all the same symptoms from the relentless pressures of our modern day 24/7 world. We get both mental and physical stress from constant deadlines and time pressures, financial worries, relationship concerns, social media and even FOMO – fear of missing out for what we SEE on social media! This constant stress results in an imbalanced nervous system, a state known as ‘sympathetic dominance’.

If stress and anxiety is getting the better of you, book in to see Mark today for a Functional Neurology Assessment. Start getting your life quite literally back into balance with Chiropractic care. Mark is covered by private health funds, and at Saltuary, that means you generally only pay us the gap.