Sweet 16

This year marks Gillians 16th year in clinical practice as a Chiropractor!

Gillian Allport, our very own Chiropractor has been with us for the past few years and is an absolute wealth of knowledge!

From the time she left school, she always knew that she’d study to be a Chiropractor. She suffered with many of her own health problems as a youngster which her parents chose to treat with Chiropractic care and nutrition. Gaining such potent health benefits out of this, she decided very early on to dedicate her life to the field, eventually earning her Masters 16 years ago!

After finishing her study, she moved to Mexico to work for 4 months. She’s also worked in regional NSW over the years, and (lucky for us!) she’s now settled back into Sydney life.

Gillian is with us at Saltuary Wentworth Point on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and at our Five Dock location on Wednesday afternoons / evenings and Friday afternoons.

To book in to see her, give us a call on 1300 157 213 or head to our website and book online.