Pema Gyaltsen

Massage Therapist

Pema was introduced to us through an industry heavy weight! Maggie, who’s been in the natural health industry for multiple decades at high levels was planning on having him work with her (“.. he’s so much more than a massage therapist..”), but then life took a different route for Maggie and she wanted to find Pema another clinic so she got in touch with us! Pema was born in Tibet, and raised in India. He is a Tibetan Medicine specialist who beautifully bridges Buddhist teachings with Western science. Pema gives a gentle massage, blending remedial techniques through a Buddhist lens. In all of his treatments, he starts by working through the traditional chakra points and focuses on freeing up energy blockages within our spinal column to ensure that everything flows as it should, and then continues on to the rest of our amazing bodes! Pema works with us on Sundays and Mondays.

“Thank you Pema for a great massage session. It was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep a few times! I really appreciate your recommendations for my stiff calves and hamstrings. Thank you!”

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