Satltuary 0000 Paul Tang

Paul Tang

Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cupping

Paul is an experienced TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner, using acupuncture, remedial massage, cupping and herbal medicine throughout his treatments. He specialises in the treatment of pain, using a combination of remedial massage & acupuncture. He’s also passionate about treating women’s health, internal diseases, fertility, depression, anxiety, general practice. Acupuncture is also very deeply relaxing. He has been practicing in Sydney for more than 10 years, and prior to that for another 10 years in Hong Kong. He offers a quality and professional service. He employs pulse and tongue coating diagnosis to understand the inner workings of the body in designing his treatments. He carries a Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine) through RMIT and holds many Diplomas.