Laura Geeves

Clinic Team

Laura is our qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and Nutritional Medicine. She is a caring and compassionate practitioner who believes in treating the person as a whole & finding the root cause of your concerns. Laura works with diet, lifestyle to create habitual change with an emphasis on creating more joy in your life.

Laura is incredibly passionate about mental health and gut health. She’s the ultimate self-care queen who found her way to nutrition through her own healing journey.

Concerns she can assist with:

• Digestive issues
• Stress, anxiety and mental health
• Skin concerns
• Reproductive issues and PMS
• Allergies/ intolerances
• Sleep and energy
• Weight management
• Thyroid and metabolic concerns
• Cardiovascular ailments
• Nutrient deficiencies/ excesses
• General wellbeing