Jasmine Mutar


Jasmine is a beautifully warm and gentle acupuncturist. She uses a mixture of very fine needling (its hard to tell if she’s actually inserted them!), cupping and moxa. Moxa is a warming herbal smoke, held close to the skin to shift and bring a deeper flow of energy to an area. She has a huge interest in the field of research, and is keen to further the impact of TCM in this regard. Committed to patient centred care, she enjoys working with people to harmonise mind, body and spirit in her beautifully gentle manner. Whilst she enjoys working with people in pain, experiencing stress, and women health, being an Acupuncturist, she is a great generalist too. Just like most natural therapists, we work with the understanding that everything in the body is connected, so ultimately, whatever you visit for, we cast the net across the whole body anyway!

“I felt ready for bed after Jasmine’s acupuncture! I was soooo relaxed!”

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