As we grow up we all learn how to share, but how many of us really open ourselves up and divulge our experiences in an intimate way with our loved ones?

Sharing, whether it be gratitude, experiences, learning or ‘things’ can have a real impact on your personal wellbeing. Our Couple’s Package at Saltuary is a great way to share a relaxing, rejuvenating experience with your partner or loved one– especially with Valentine’s Day approaching!

Our Couple’s Package includes:

  • Float, Sauna and Salt sessions for two
  • Just $190– normally $236! Save $46
  • Available until Valentine’s Day only!

Sharing for personal growth

 We all choose the people that we open up and share with, and by doing so we foster an increase in trust. Relax into a self-care experience with a loved one by your side; allow yourself to be vulnerable. By doing this, you will open up your mind, body and heart to deeper intimacy with them.

Whether it’s deep relaxation with Float, a gentle Infrared Sauna detox, or kicking back in our ambient Salt Room, sharing a Couple’s Package means you can enjoy a positive experience with your chosen loved one, balancing out any negative energy you’ve been holding inside.

Remember, sharing feels good! By opening up and making yourself vulnerable, you are expressing yourself in a healthy way, with your loved one/s close by for company and support.

Sharing for a deeper connection

 Do you and your partner or loved one ever relax together in the same space? Shared experiences like this will help to guide you in your relationship, giving you greater insights into your dynamic. Perhaps you will find a greater awareness of your loved one’s needs, or feel a deeper sense of empathy.

Sharing experiences like our Couple’s Package with a partner or loved one creates a warm, safe, positive space for you to enjoy each other’s company. Both you and your partner will enjoy the positive benefits of this shared ‘self-love’ journey, with our deluxe Float, Salt and Sauna treatments for two!

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, share something special with your loved one. Build a more meaningful relationship—try our Couple’s Package today!