The Elderly

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[title size=”2″]Live longer through natural therapies that will rejuvenate and heal [/title]

Australia has the second highest life expectancy rate in the world, bettered only by Japan, and Australians can expect to live on average for 81.4 years. As we are living longer as a nation, with falling death rates from cancer, heart disease, stroke and injury, there is a corresponding increase in the use of more natural therapies to achieve better health and well-being.

At Saltuary, we believe in the power of nature to improve your health and well-being. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of natural therapies and have a team of specialist practitioners on call all the time. Our therapies are suitable for all ages especially the elderly who benefit at times from less invasive treatments and medicines with fewer side effects.

Here are some of the benefits of our therapies for the elderly:
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[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Salt therapy – Salt therapy has been used throughout Europe for decades with proven results. Our salt rooms are built using the finest and purest of salts from the Himalayan mountains. Wherever possible, we have minimised the use of chemicals throughout the building process, opting for natural options wherever we could, meaning you can enjoy a more pure room. Salt therapy not only reduces stress levels, it promotes a healthy respiratory system, decreases inflammation and widens airways making it easier to breathe. It helps to absorb excess moisture and mucous and treats a number of respiratory illnesses including colds, flu, sinusitis, pneumonia bronchitis and coughs. It also provides relief for a range of issues including allergies, emphysema, cystic fibrosis and asthma. To find out more about how salt therapy actually works and what the other benefits are, click here[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Naturopathy: Growing older does not equate to ill health. Our Naturopath can help with healthy ageing through the use of preventative therapies / medicines, or to treat existing ailments such as arthritis & high blood pressure with the use of natural medicines. Our Naturopath will work with you to ensure you continue to enjoy a wonderful sense of wellbeing, whilst maintaining a continual focus on preventative healthcare.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Infrared sauna: Using a very gentle form of light, our infrared sauna helps to enhance circulation and to decrease aches and pains associated with conditions such as arthritis. They also help with weight loss and stimulate cardiac output, similar to exercising for those that can’t for mobility restrictions.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Float: Floatation therapy helps with chronic aches and pains, such as those associated with arthritis. Floating in a big warm bath, saturated with hundreds of kilos of Epsom salt allows your body to recharge completely from all daily stresses. One hour spent in a float room is the equivalent of 4 hours of restorative sleep, and can help with sleep problems too. Floatation therapy can help with rehabilitation from any injuries too.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Massage: Massage helps to promote blood flow and encourages better mobility. It offers an enjoyable way to help alleviate the symptoms from many age related diseases / concerns. Our massage therapists are trained to help stretch your body to enhance your feelings of wellness. Regular massage helps to keep the muscles supple and limber, giving an overall sense of well being. It is non invasive and has no negative side effects. Our therapists offer remedial massage as well as gentler forms of therapy including Bowen therapy and reflexology.[/li_item]

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