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[title size=”2″]Give your children the best start through a  natural approach to good health[/title]

As parents, we all want the  best for our children and giving them the very best start in life through good health and well being is key. We work closely with parents to provide a suitable and holistic approach to achieving better health and well-being for your child.  Where required, we  can work with you to develop an integrated plan that pinpoints any specific issues that may be impacting your child’s  health, well being or behaviour.

Our therapies for children are suitable from babies right through to late teenagers and because our therapies are natural, you don’t need to worry about the harmful side affects that some medications can cause – particularly in babies to very young children.

At Saltuary our dedicated team of highly trained natural therapists are the perfect accompaniment to ensuring great health in your child.

The therapies/services that we offer specifically for children include:
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[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Naturopathy – ‘Our Naturopath works just as closely with children as she does with adults to uncover any underlying illnesses or issues that can be addressed by natural remedies. Children are very robust, in that given a little push into the direction of better health, their little bodies tend to run very well with that. We can help with nutrition, herbal medicines, homeopathy. flower essences and even carry a range of practitioner-ony supplements specifically designed for kids. Our in house naturopath has kids of her own so is well versed in working with and treating children.We can also tailor design weight loss, healthy eating and detoxification programs for children too. Private health rebates, generally claimed on the spot via HICAPs, are available for naturopathy.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Organic Skin Therapy – When children start to hit their teens, we can help them with a skin care regime with cleansing / balancing facial products to help clear acne / pimple prone skin. We even teach them how to pop pimples without scarring! We are more than happy to provide sample packs for people to try.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Structural / Postural health checks: We offer free 10 min health checks for kids from 2 – 16yrs old. Mansi, our remedial therapist will check their feet, spine and posture and recommend better ways to carry school bags, exercises or a treatment plan when necessary. For kids that need treatment, he generally recommends 30 min remedial treatments. These are covered by heath funds / HICAPs on the spot claiming for most funds.[/li_item]

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