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[title size=”2″]Improve productivity and enhance engagement with well being packages for your team[/title]

In today’s 24/7 digital world where it is almost impossible to switch off from work and business, stress levels have peaked in Australia. Although our NZ neighbours have made it into the OECD’s top 10 list of the lowest stress levels countries, Australia is no where near the top of the least-stressed, and instead is way down the bottom among the most stressed nations. Higher levels of stress can lead to a range of health issues and cost employers significantly in lost revenue, lower productivity and lower engagement.

At Saltuary, we work with businesses to develop health and well being packages for their staff that promotes less stress and that results in increased focus and motivation in the workplace. We also work directly with busy executives and business owners to create holistic and integrated health management plans that can significantly reduce stress levels and achieve overall health and well-being that will not only make you feel overall healthier and happier the benefits of which will flow through into the workplace.

Here is a selection of our therapies and how they benefit busy executives and business owners:
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[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Salt therapy – Our salt rooms are built using the finest and purest of salts from the Himalayan mountains. Wherever possible, we have minimised the use of chemicals throughout the building process, opting for natural options wherever we could, meaning you can enjoy a more pure room.By sitting in our salt rooms you are exposed to more than 80 minerals vital to your health. Salt therapy not only decreases stress levels and increases your body’s endorphins, it helps reduce pain from sinusitis, cold and flu symptoms and provides relief from  other respiratory illnesses or discomforts.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Float therapy – Float therapy is the ideal way for achieving deep relaxation where  you can switch off entirely to the stresses or every day life. Our float rooms are large enough for you to stand up in and allow you to have complete control over your environment. It not only paves the way for improved focus and visualisation, a one hour session equates to 4 hours of  restorative sleep helping pregnant women regain some vital and restorative rest. Floatation therapy helps reduce aches and pains and helps with circulation, energy and sleep problems.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=”” iconcolor=”#95B11C” circle=”” circlecolor=””]Massage therapy – Massage therapy helps to promote blood flow throughout the body and is wonderful for combating stress. It enhances a sense of well being. Our massages are covered by private health funds and includes on the spot claiming for most funds via HICAPs.[/li_item]

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