Cleansing and detoxing will make you lose weight, will make your eyes white, will make your skin glow” – Dr Alejandro Junger, Hungry For Change.

If that sentence sounds good to you, you may be interested in our newly launched 21 Day Detox Program. Formally launched last Thursday night, it is now available as a regular Saltuary service meaning you can start at any time that suits you!

So why detox? We are all surrounded by tons, both internally and externally. Even with the most wholesome diet and Zen filled life, we are all surrounded by toxins.  Over time, our bodies can become overloaded with them. Detoxing provides us a safe and effective ‘grease and oil change’ for our bodies. After all, we all look after our cars pretty well and ensure they get serviced regularly.. but how many of us take the time to service our bodies on a regular basis?

Toxins come in the way of the usual culprits like pesticides, air pollution, cigarettes, etc.. but did you ever stop to think about the fire retardants sprayed on new clothes and furnishings? How about the chlorine in unfiltered water – put there to kill bugs when us mere humans are mostly made of bugs! How about the toxins in your cleaning products? Your personal care products? Or how about our internal, ‘endogenous’ toxins that we make simply from breathing, eating, metabolising and more.. The list really is endless..

Toxins can add to health complaints including infertility and hormonal problems, skin conditions, an inability to lose weight, recurrent infections, mood swings, allergies, headaches and much much more..

A dedicated detox is something that can put the bounce back in your step and get you back onto the road of recovery and health.

So why Saltuary’s 21 Day Detox Program?

  • Professional, quality, tailored guidance
  • Comprehensive dietary and lifestyle advice to make it easy
  • Comprehensive online nutritional portal for recipes, tailored to your specific needs
  • Weekly emails loaded with inspiration and information
  • In house health screenings
  • All core ‘practitioner’ products recommended throughout the program
  • Online access to our Naturopath throughout the program
  • Committed support of a qualified team
  • Weekly Infrared Sauna sessions (3 in total)
  • Weekly Himalayan Salt therapy sessions (3 in total), and
  • 2 Naturopathic consultations

The total cost for the program is $528, saving you a huge $185 off our standard prices, and this can also be paid in instalments too.

If losing weight, brighter eyes, more clarity and generally feeling better appeals to you – pick up the phone and give us a call now!