Saltuary Wellness Talk - November 2017


Welcome to our Saltuary Wellness Talks! Free evenings of wellness education and interesting topics on all things health!

Our next wellness talk will be hosted by the amazing 'Lisa Gumieniuk' and will be held on Wednesday 22nd November, 6 - 7pm in our Himalayan Salt Room.

This talk is for anyone who's ever been told "its all in your head" when trying to get to the bottom of why they just don't feel well.

Having experienced significant health challenges for a number of years, including memory loss, light and sound sensitivity, depression, digestive issues and a host of other symptoms, Lisa has been ‘labelled’ with many DIS-eases including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, an auto-immune disease, Lyme disease, CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and mould toxicity (just to name a few)! Lisa's journey to wellness has seen her travel the world and meet endless practitioners of many different modalities. She will be joining us to share her journey, in this honest and candid talk.

Lisa is passionate about empowering others to find the cause of their DIS-ease and supporting them along their journey to wellness. She has recently founded Wellness for Life Australia, and is a qualified Nutritionist, Food andLifestyle Coach and Bioresonance Practitioner.

As always, this talk is free, but you will need to book your place as space is strictly limited. You can book online (book seat button below) or by calling us on 9713 8688 during business hours.

Hope to see you there, The Saltuary Team