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  • 7.5% discount on all products
  • 5% discount on all services; excludes other memberships & specials/sales
  • Purchase additional sessions at the same price of your membership (for eg monthly salt membership is $30pm, you can purchase additional sessions for $30)
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Member Perks
Salt Icon

Salt Member

Relax, breathe easier & treat respiratory ailments & common skin issues with salt

Monthly 1 per month $30/month
Fortnightly 1 per fortnight $24/fortnight
Weekly 1 per week $18/week

*All children/babies (up to 12) charged at standard rates. Supervising adult (max 1 per family) free entry with paying children.

Salt Monthly Member**

Salt Fortnightly Member**

Salt Weekly Member**

Float Icon

Float Member

Experience the deepest relaxation and peace with float therapy

Monthly 1 per month $62/month
Fortnightly 1 per fortnight $56/fortnight
Weekly 1 per week $50/week

Float Monthly Member**

Float Fortnightly Member**

Float Weekly Member**

Sauna Icon

Sauna Member

Soothe, burn fat, detox & have beautiful skin with an infrared sauna

Monthly 1 per month $40/month
Fortnightly 1 per fortnight $35/fortnight
Weekly 1 per week $29/week

Sauna Monthly Member**

Sauna Fortnightly Member**

Sauna Weekly Member**

Vitality Icon

Vitality Package Member

For a more relaxed and energised you!

Monthly 1 per month $118/month
Fortnightly 1 per fortnight $101/fortnight
Weekly 1 per week $84/week

Vitality Monthly Member**

Vitality Fortnightly Member**

Vitality Weekly Member**

**Terms and Conditions

  • 6 month contract and automatically renews on a 6 month basis.
  • Can pause autopay for a max of 1 month each contract period.
  • Once founding membership is cancelled you can't rejoin. You will have to sign up for the current standard membership if you decide to rejoin.
  • Sessions have the following expiration: Weekly contracts (14days), Fortnightly contracts (21 days), Monthly contracts (40 days). For example, if you choose a weekly membership you have 14 days to use your therapy, so you could actually accumulate a couple and use 2 in one week.
  • Once sessions expire they are not redeemable.
  • Early cancellations of contract will incur a fee equal to 20% of total contract remaining on the initial contract.
  • Cancellation fee is only for the initial contract period. You can cancel anytime after initial contract period providing 2 day notice prior to next payment date.
  • Sessions are not transferable or shared.
  • Sessions can be used at both locations.
  • Session Cancellations - 24 hours cancellation policy applies to each session.

Please note that all memberships and online purchases will appear on your statement as EziDebit.