SALE – Drink Clean Alkaline Water for 5 Cents a litre

We’ve been using Zazen Alkaline Water systems for years. We use them both at home, and at Saltuary. We also use their shower filters.

Why Filter?

Filtering water is really important for our family’s health. We take care to eat well and treat our bodies well, so drinking tap water alongside this just doesn’t make sense. For a start, tap water contains chlorine. We get it, its there to kill bugs, but in doing so, its also killing our bodies own bugs – bugs which are critical to our overall health and wellbeing. Tap water also contains fluoride here in Australia. Many countries have stopped fluoridating their water for a variety of reasons, one of which is the detrimental effect it can have on our thyroid.

As they say, get a filter, or become a filter…

Why Zazen?

Zazen create high quality, portable, bench top filters that are designed to mimic the Earths water cycle. They contain stones that help to remineralise tap water, turning it into high quality drinking water. Their 8 step filtration process filters out chlorine and things like herbicides and pesticides. It also traps heavy metals including lead, aluminium and mercury, and filters away detergents and agricultural chemicals. There is even a ceramic filter, made of diamataceous earth, to trap particles including parasites, bacteria and cysts.


– Chlorine up to 99.99%

– Fluoride by up to 90%

– Harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Salmonella by up to 99.99%

– Aluminium, chloroform’s, cadmium, copper, mercury and much more.

SALE – extended until 30th of December!

For anyone wanting to give the gift of health and well being to themselves or loved ones this Christmas, we have a sale on complete systems until Sunday 30th December – we’ve extended it, in case people want to use their Christmas vouchers for this 🙂

Save $100 on complete filter systems!

The original model: Was $495 – now $395!

The glass bottom tank model: Was $645, now $545!

While stocks last, receive a cool bag with each purchase.