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Saltuary Reviews

  • It was my first time floating and I was very nervous. Your staff made it a very pleasant experience.
    I have never felt more relaxed than I have after that session. I plan on coming back for more floats. Would totally recommend Saltuary

    Beck Rich Avatar
    Beck Rich

    Loved the service and facilities! Thank you!! I had such a great experience and will absolutely be back!

    Jacinta Lees Avatar
    Jacinta Lees

    Very relaxing sessions, especially the floating. The salt room helps my sinuses.I will continue the sessions. Friendly staff and wonderful natural products in the shop. Nice and modern facilities.I'm glad I found Saltuary. Highly recommended.

    Sorina Ionita Avatar
    Sorina Ionita
  • What an amazing place! Saltuary truly is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, beautiful ambience, incredible facilities and reasonably priced! I will be a regular for sure. Thank you so much!

    Jane Curnow Avatar
    Jane Curnow

    Beautiful and calming environment. Was perfect for a birthday treat ❤️

    Jacinta Rich Avatar
    Jacinta Rich

    My first float... What an amazing, relaxing experience!
    I highly recommend it

    Louise Kaloudis Avatar
    Louise Kaloudis
  • Amazing experience! I purchased the Vitality Package so I did the Salt Therapy, Infrared Sauna and Float. The Salt Therapy was very relaxing, the 45 minutes only felt like 15 as I was able to switch off completely. I loved the sauna, I had major surgery 4 months ago and after only 1 sauna session my incision scar felt much softer and has less pain! I have a bit of a phobia of water so was a bit nervous about the float but they provided ear plugs which were great, and the amount of salt in the tank stops you from accidentally putting your head underwater anyway. I was able to switch off again and afterwards my neck muscles felt much looser. I’ll definitely be back soon! Thank you Saltuary Team! �

    Sam Millhouse Avatar
    Sam Millhouse

    I always feel comfortable with Tiina, she puts me at ease as she explains everything to me, and asks in depth questions to make sure that she is providing me with the correct herbs and supplements. I even feel relaxed whilst waiting in the waiting room.. love the salt lamp bricks! ��

    Luisa Natoli Avatar
    Luisa Natoli

    It was so relaxing. I will definitely be going again.

    Kristi Fillios Avatar
    Kristi Fillios
  • Cannot wait to come back here! Had a float and massage, absolute heaven I feel so amazing right now! The float tank is so large that I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all. I was able to switch off completely. The massage was amazing! I feel so much less tense already.

    Poppy Victoria Grace Katherine Avatar
    Poppy Victoria Grace Katherine

    A really close friend gifted me a Float Session this morning. Without knowing too much about it, and without asking too many questions, I decided to go in for the session & enjoy the journey...
    What I found, (which is honestly the only word I can use to describe it), was an absolute soul sanctuary. An absolute oasis, encased in Love. A blissful abyss.
    I have left a different person. I am overjoyed to have found heaven so close to my front door!! Five Dock and surrounding suburbs residents... do your soul a favour and head to Saltuary. Vita Caradonna xov

    Vita Cara Avatar
    Vita Cara

    Each time I have visited this establishment I have to say it has been a world class experience. Genuine, friendly and approachable staff who are passionate about what they do is a recipe for success. Can’t wait to go back soon. Well done team.

    Stephen Manley Avatar
    Stephen Manley
  • Loved the energy and essence of this place. Was lucky to have an infrared sauna session, flotation tank session and salt room session .... left beyond relaxed. The team were really thoughtful and caring. Can’t wait to come back.

    Anna Vukojevic Avatar
    Anna Vukojevic

    Relaxation options are endless. I tried the salt room, the infra-red sauna and the flotation chamber. All 3 were wonderful! The staff are polite and explain everything. The space is beautifully laid out and your relaxation journey begins as soon as you step trough the door. I will definitely be returning!

    JoAnn Hill Avatar
    JoAnn Hill

    I love this place so much. The float tanks are incredible, as is the Himalayan Salt Room and the health food section.

    Sonya Dee Avatar
    Sonya Dee
  • negative review Customer service at reception improv website call customers that are shortlisted instead of them showing up thinking they have a booking

    Chloe Koellner Avatar
    Chloe Koellner

    Love the Salt room, love the ambiance and tranquility, love all the health ideas. We'll be back!

    Angelique Ritchie Avatar
    Angelique Ritchie

    I was gifted Salt Float and Salt room for my birthday from my children, that was in March!
    I have had a back injury and am in a lot of pain!
    We just moved house and i knew This would be perfect right now!
    I had it today ...
    I didn't know what to expect but it was amazing!!!
    Calm pleasant staff ... And how do i feel right now relaxed calm and ready for my next one! 10/10 !!!

    Liz Billing Avatar
    Liz Billing
  • I bought myself a full 3 hour package. I had never been to a salt room or float tank before, all o kept thinking was all the people I wanted to buy sessions for because it was amazing. Lovely people, great massage, and that float tank...beyond. thank you!

    Delinah Ditto Avatar
    Delinah Ditto

    Absolutely loved my experience at Saltary. The atmosphere is so peaceful, the facilities clean and staff are also really friendly and helpful.

    nicola bracewell Avatar
    nicola bracewell

    Amazing Float session 😀 so worth it.

    Three Spree Avatar
    Three Spree
  • Beautiful and calming environment. Was perfect for a birthday treat ❤️

    Jacinta Rich Avatar
    Jacinta Rich

    Amazing spa! Great calming energy.... great staff and very clean. Highly recommended!!!

    Ross Bue Avatar
    Ross Bue

    Such a calming and enjoyable experience. I have tried all the therapies offered and feel so much better mentally and physically for forcing my body and mind into a state of calm. I also have taken my daughter who suffers from anxiety and she loved it! I now come at least once a week for a treatment!

    Rhonda Lettieri Avatar
    Rhonda Lettieri
  • Did the vitality package (sauna,float and salt room). All just truly amazing. The float was even better than I thought it could be. All rooms and facilities are absolutely spotless - pristine even - like it has just opened and you are the first guest. You are in private rooms in both the sauna and float experiences which again is very nice. The float was so relaxing I even dozed off which I was not at all expecting. It is not at all claustrobphic. The shower in the room was stocked with their beautiful lemon myrtle body wash and hair shampoo/conditioner. The infrared sauna is excellent as whilst you sweat you don't feel an unbearable intense heat - its very different from the usual sauna where you need to pop water on coals - this is good for me as I can't withstand the normal dry heat in a sauna. It has different lights to treat different issues - green for pigmentation/blotchy skin and red for anti-ageing were my favourite choices. You control the light to use. Its my 2nd visit to the salt therapy room - also a favourite and fortunately I've been in the room by myself on both occasions (albeit it has capacity for 3). This place is just absolutely fantastic and if you are thinking about it - I'd recommend to just book and try it out. Its well worth it and it is a very efficient use of time to feel good with healthy smooth skin and feel very relaxed and energised!

    Kirsten M Avatar
    Kirsten M

    Frensdly and professional service. Anything they sell is top quality

    mehran A Avatar
    mehran A

    A place you really need to experience for yourself. Great massage and floats and a range of other items all designed to help you offload stress and upload serenity. Thanks to the team at Saltuary. I will be back soon

    George Baxlter Avatar
    George Baxlter
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