Saltuary Reviews

  • Loved the energy and essence of this place. Was lucky to have an infrared sauna session, flotation tank session and salt room session .... left beyond relaxed. The team were really thoughtful and caring. Can’t wait to come back.

    Anna Vukojevic Avatar
    Anna Vukojevic

    I don’t get to Saltuary as often as I would like as I am not close by. It is my go to place for some TLC. When my immune system needs a boost it is the salt room to shift a stubborn cold followed by a infra red sauna to help clear the toxins. The float therapy is the most relaxing experience you can have, you don’t want it to end. The whole experience adds to the ambience. Tiina and her team have made so many great improvements since I started going there offering all you would want in a pampering session. Do yourself a favour and give Saltuary a try you won’t regret it.

    Lea Woods Avatar
    Lea Woods

    Absolutely wonderful experience. Have been twice now and will definitely go back. Have had the best massages that I've ever had! The infrared sauna is a must!!

    Jacqueline A Power Avatar
    Jacqueline A Power
  • Just an amazing experience. I enjoyed my first float therapy and it was serene. Focusing on my breathing and looking in was a mindful experience I have not had for many years. The staff are friendly, helpful, open to questions and very polite.

    Byron Tobin Avatar
    Byron Tobin

    Beautiful and calming environment. Was perfect for a birthday treat ❤️

    Jacinta Rich Avatar
    Jacinta Rich

    Very relaxing sessions, especially the floating. The salt room helps my sinuses.I will continue the sessions. Friendly staff and wonderful natural products in the shop. Nice and modern facilities.I'm glad I found Saltuary. Highly recommended.

    Sorina Ionita Avatar
    Sorina Ionita
  • Relaxing experience, will come again!

    Donna Barton Avatar
    Donna Barton

    It was my first time and absolutely amazing! I've been to many spas around the world and this is as good. The treatments are so natural and the health benefits outweigh cosmetic style spas by a long run. I'll be going back for sure!

    Samantha McRobert Avatar
    Samantha McRobert

    A really close friend gifted me a Float Session this morning. Without knowing too much about it, and without asking too many questions, I decided to go in for the session & enjoy the journey...
    What I found, (which is honestly the only word I can use to describe it), was an absolute soul sanctuary. An absolute oasis, encased in Love. A blissful abyss.
    I have left a different person. I am overjoyed to have found heaven so close to my front door!! Five Dock and surrounding suburbs residents... do your soul a favour and head to Saltuary. Vita Caradonna xov

    Vita Cara Avatar
    Vita Cara
  • positive review I have a broken shoulder. I saw Paul and did my first ever blood cupping. Initially when it was first done it was kinda overwhelming , as seeing the blood was a new experience for me. After a few days I can honestly say it helped the pain in the back of my shoulder. He is so amazing that I cannot wait to go back for more treatments & massages. Definitely recommend seeing Paul. Thank you so much 😊

    Manuela Mani Avatar
    Manuela Mani

    My daughter and I had a great experience at Saltuary. Staff were very attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.
    We left minus the blocked ear and muscle pain we had pre-treatment.

    Brenda Stanborough Avatar
    Brenda Stanborough

    An AMAZING day.
    Consultation and welcome
    Arrived 10am
    45 min Salt room experience
    50 min sauna
    50 min float tank
    Departure 1.20pm

    The feeling after ALL of the above was totally relaxed, light body feeling and I felt I was walking on air ???

    Looking forward to a great nights sleep ?

    Will do it all again ?

    Karen Mcnamara Avatar
    Karen Mcnamara
  • Very relaxing. Some treatments may take a bit of getting use to. I really loved the floatations therapy.

    Stephanie Grigoriou Judges Avatar
    Stephanie Grigoriou Judges

    Dropped my wife here a couple of weeks ago after she had a stressful week at work. Booked her in for the salt, float, massage package. When I picked her up she was so relaxed she could hardly stand up and walk out! Perfect!! Thankyou guys 🙂

    J K Avatar
    J K

    Amazing Float session 😀 so worth it.

    Three Spree Avatar
    Three Spree
  • My 'go to' place for some R&R.. Enjoying the infrared red sauna followed by a float is a perfect way to unwind and recharge the mind and body. It's a very clean and well organised place, the sessions run on time and the staff are all friendly and approachable. Highly recommend.

    Liza MdC Avatar
    Liza MdC

    Spent my Saturday here. It was awesome experience!

    Annie Huynh Avatar
    Annie Huynh

    positive review Bliss! If I could permanently live here, I would.
    Clean, welcoming staff and decor, peaceful. Sweated it out in the infrared sauna and this is by far by the best one I have been to.
    Can‘t wait to try the salt and floatation rooms.

    Azra Amir Avatar
    Azra Amir
  • Each time I have visited this establishment I have to say it has been a world class experience. Genuine, friendly and approachable staff who are passionate about what they do is a recipe for success. Can’t wait to go back soon. Well done team.

    Stephen Manley Avatar
    Stephen Manley

    It was relaxing the minute you step into the place. For the time I was there, I was in pure bliss. The salt room therapy is ridiculously relaxing and the massage was terrific.

    Jacinta Deacon Avatar
    Jacinta Deacon

    What an amazing place! Saltuary truly is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, beautiful ambience, incredible facilities and reasonably priced! I will be a regular for sure. Thank you so much!

    Jane Curnow Avatar
    Jane Curnow
  • The second you walk through the door, your welcomed with an aroma of relaxation and friendly smiles from the staff here.
    I've had the Floatation Therapy and a acupuncture massage and both left me feeling refreshed and clear headed.

    Kirsten Avatar

    Good service and great massages. They also sell a range of very good products

    Domenica Liberti Avatar
    Domenica Liberti

    Fantastic and unique place to relax and unwind. We had a treatment in the salt room, a sauna and then a float. All 3 were great. The float room was unlike anything else. So relaxing. Could feel the tension leaving my body! Could not recommend the place more!

    Matt Macri Avatar
    Matt Macri
  • Saltuary is fantastic! Got given a package as a gift and had not much of an idea of what to expect. I was fortunate enough to go in the Salt Room, Sauna, Float Tank and enjoy a great massage as part of the package. It was so relaxing, the staff were great and I felt great after it all. The float tank was definitely a great experience - I thought I might feel claustrophobic but didn't, even had the option to turn the lights off as well and did it and it was so worth it.
    Such a great space to relax and reconnect all whilst treating the body!
    Highly recommended, I'll definitely be back.

    Steve Z Avatar
    Steve Z

    Such a calming and enjoyable experience. I have tried all the therapies offered and feel so much better mentally and physically for forcing my body and mind into a state of calm. I also have taken my daughter who suffers from anxiety and she loved it! I now come at least once a week for a treatment!

    Rhonda Lettieri Avatar
    Rhonda Lettieri

    Staff are just exquisite, super helpful and knowledgeable in their field. I was a little taken aback by the group setting the salt room is held in, however the salt room was extremely relaxing and it didnt at all resonate that I was with strangers as I truly enjoyed the experience. To maximise benefits I would encourage a group to come with me next time and lead a meditation whilst in the salt room. A salt room meditation would be absolutely devine!

    Lisa Lovelight Avatar
    Lisa Lovelight