Non Toxic Cookware

The safety of your cookware is as important a consideration, as the cleanliness and choice of foods you ingest. At Saltuary, we now stock a colourful and fun range of non toxic, non stick cookware in all shapes and sizes.

Neoflam cookware, creators of ‘The Healthy Pan’ manufacture their non-stick coating from natural materials including sand, silica and stone offering a healthy alternative to traditional PTFE non-stick coatings. Many non-stick coatings are made with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), which have been linked to various hormonal and fertility disorders.

Traditional non-stick cookware emits toxic fumes when it’s overheated, which can happen within minutes of cooking. It’s sold under various names including Teflon. The toxic fumes emitted have been linked to various health hazards, dubbed the ‘Teflon Flu’, and the saddest part is that they may even kill pet birds. PFC’s, or ‘Teflon chemicals’ have been associated with low birth weight in babies, increased cholesterol, abnormal thyroid hormone levels and more. The bigger problem is, that these chemicals then persist in our environment, accumulating over time, drastically increasing our exposure over our lifetime.

A few of our staff have been using these new pans and we all love them. They’re super easy to clean and are a delight to cook with. They contain a thick base, which is designed to conduct heat evenly, and have thinner walls to draw heat from the centre to the walls, so that the pan cooks all the way up, not just from the bottom, making them energy efficient. With good quality cookware, you should not have the need to use high heat, the conductivity of the pan should allow for the use of only med – high heat at most.

We have a large range of these in store now including casserole dishes, grilling pans, roasting dishes, pans and more. We have a special ‘Try Me’ pan for just $39.95 (RRP $99.95) so that you can see for yourself if you enjoy cooking with these pans, and if you do – luckily Christmas is coming up, so you can stick a few more of them onto your Wish List for Santa!