New Year.. yet the Fatigue Lags..

Have you noticed it too? This lagging fatigue that so many have from all that’s occurred over the past few years. I see it in the young, with a bit of lethargy and apathy about going places, doing things. I see it in adults, they feel good and are enjoying the usual summer fun, but still there is this quiet fatigue sitting in the background. Kinda like the fatigue of long covid, but many haven’t actually had covid itself either.. So what are some things that might help?

Aside from the obvious things like a good nights rest, nutrient dense meals, connection with others etc, here are some of our favourite helping hands.

Salt therapy

Salt therapy helps to calm and cleanse the airways allowing for deeper, calmer breaths. Deeper, calmer breaths slow us down internally, oxygenating our tissues, sending a message of calm to our nervous system. We put down our ‘to do list’ and stop for a moment. We even ban all electronics in our salt room to really encourage you to switch off and find a better you. Want to learn more about salt therapy? Learn More

Float therapy

1 hour in our float rooms is akin to 4 hours of deep restorative sleep. In our floats, there’s nothing that your body, mind or soul needs to do, aside from relax. Taking 1 hour and getting about 4 hours of deep restoration – well that’s pretty good value for the fatigued nervous system right. Want to learn more about floating? Learn More

Infrared Sauna

A session in here melts the stress away. Sitting in our infrared sauna promotes a return to a parasympathetic state for your nervous system – this is the ‘chill’ zone, or the ‘rest and digest’ zone as its known. It’s quite extraordinary how energising sessions in here are. For those who’ve never tried it, infrared saunas use light panels to heat the body directly, as opposed to the air around you. They work optimally at lower temperatures and the air is like any other room, very comfortable to breathe as there is no steam or humidity used. Want to learn more about infrared saunas? Learn More

Herbal tonics and powders

We stock a huge range of these things. We love them, use them and sell them! Just a few of the most loved ones include:


Many know this as Ashwaganda. Ashwaganda is a ‘tonic herb’ meaning it acts as a restorative tonic to the whole body. Withania helps to quiet down cortisol (our stress hormone). We have this in liquid, tablet and powder form. The powdered forms can be added to everything! From smoothies, to soups to baking!


Reishi is said to soothe the soul. Another deeply restorative herb for the whole body, this one has been revered throughout the years for its ability to calm the spirit. We stock liquid and powder forms of this one.


A true gem gifted to us by Mother Nature. Rhodiola is native to cold, mountainous regions. It grows here through the winter months, persevering enough to push itself through to flower! That should give you an idea as to its strength. When you take Rhodiola, this is what it imparts onto you. We stock liquid, tablet and powder forms for this one.

The above herbs are known as ‘adaptogens’. Adaptogens help our body’s adapt to various stressors. We think of adaptogens as scaffolding for the body, helping to hold us up better when we are going through a little more than just the daily grind!

B vitamins and Magnesium:

These are our 2 most loved ‘core’ nutrients for fatigue and de-stressing. B vitamins are required for pretty much everything our body needs to do. Every internal chemical process needs a B or 3 somewhere along its pathway. Whilst we get these in our food of course, they can be a really beneficial addition to help with fatigue and stress.

Magnesium is known as the ‘anti stress’ mineral. Your body uses this up very quickly when under stress (just like B’s) so supplementing with this can also be helpful for stress and fatigue. Magnesium helps with 100’s of reactions in our body. Everything from energy, to hormones, muscles and sleep. We stock B’s in tablet form and Magnesium in creams, oils, tablets and salt form for baths, etc.

Fun fact: Our floats are filled with 100’s of kilo’s of natural magnesium rich salt direct from the earth.

February seems to be the month where people really get back into the swing of work, school etc. So if you need a little extra scaffolding for your body to see your days through as a better version of you, come visit us and see how we might be able to help!