The Concept Of Fascia

The fascial system surrounds, infuses with, and has the potential to influence every muscle, nerve, bone, blood vessel, organ, system and cell of the body. Fascia separates, supports, connects and protects all of the above. Fascia is a 3D web of connective tissue; it’s alive and changing according to the body’s demands. It is a network of information exchange, influencing and influenced by every cell in the body. Fascia permits the body to maintain vital organs in their correct position.

The Theory behind Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR)

If you can imagine that the myofascial systems of the human body as a fascial jacket, then a fascial restriction in one area will strain areas away from the restriction and cause abnormal movement patterns which can lead to pain, joint compression and increase the risk of injury. Thus, by using MFR you can increase range of motion, decrease pressure in fascial restrictions and restore normal structural and functional integrity.

Goals of MFR

– Restore equilibrium in the whole person
– Balance + Equilibrium = Health
– Relief from pain and dysfunction
– Release cross restriction

MFR is useful for:

– Acute and chronic pain

– Neurologic and movement dysfunction

– Poor posture

– Headaches

– Sports injuries and recurring injuries

History of Myofascial Release

Connective tissue massage was developed in 1920’s by German Physiotherapist named Elizabeth Dicke. Connective tissue massage is primarily a superficial form of myofascial manipulation.