Introducing Saltuary’s Natural Pharmacy!

Your one-stop shop for all your natural health needs!

Just like apothecaries of ye-olden days, Saltuary’s Natural Pharmacy has tonics, potions and lotions for all manner of ailments.

The Pharmacy will be manned by our Head Naturopath, Tiina Hogg, who will consult with you and dispense remedies on the spot. No bookings are required – simply walk in to discuss your healthcare needs.

Tiina is a practicing Naturopath with many years of experience, both in Australia and overseas. As a mum with two young kids, Tiina can assist you with specific children’s needs. She also offers private consultations, which will be recommended for those with more complex concerns.

A large range of ready-made herbal tonics for common ailments (such as coughs, colds, tummy troubles, bloating etc) are available, alongside medicinal creams to help with everything from mozzie bites to bruises; and even flower essences to better equip you for the emotional side of life.

Saltuary’s Natural Pharmacy is now open– pop in and say hi! 🙂