Health and wellbeing – back to basics


The majority of people should be a healthy and fully functional human being (wellbeing). Our bodies are amazing at repairing and have a natural tendency (desire) to return to a state of wellness if you look after the basics.

So why are so many people struggling with their health and feeling sick? They either have an illness or have mobility issues that don’t allow them to enjoy the simple things in life. A lot of people put it down to genetics and even a lot health professionals will back this line of thinking.

Your Genes

Your DNA is not your destiny. Many of us still believe that what you are born with is what you’ve got for life. We now know that you’re health and wellbeing is 10% genetics, 90% environment (lifestyle). This is termed epigenetic’s and it’s basically saying that you might have a certain disposition for a particular illness or disease because of your genes, but your environment or lifestyle will determine which of these genes are turned on or off. In other words, the genes are like the loaded gun, but it’s your environment and lifestyle choices that pulls the trigger. Therefore, you truly have a big role to play in your health through the choices you make on a daily basis and don’t need to blame your genes.

Back to basics – healthy living for your wellbeing

Sometimes we overly complicate what healthy living should be. Like anything in life, you should write down a healthy living plan and it should be simple. So simple that it can be written on a napkin and a six year old should understand it.

If you focus your plan on the following 7 basic core health habits you will be well on your way. If your current lifestyle doesn’t include many of these, try not to change everything at once. Changing or making something a habit takes around 21 days, so it’s best to pick one thing each month to change. Be patient and think long term and make your changes lifelong and not just a fad like many of the unrealistic diets on the market today.

Good luck and here’s to taking the highroad on the ageing well chart above.