Free Community Events coming up at Saltuary!

We introduced free community ‘Wellness Talks’ to our services earlier this year. For those of you unaware of what these are – they are free community information nights, held in our Himalayan salt room and run by our team of incredible natural medicine specialists. We’ve received such wonderful feedback from those of you who have so far attended, and with that, we’ve decided to up the ante on these. Coming up, are the following free events! They all run from 6 – 7pm and we have been known to get a little overexcited here and there and draw random lucky door prizes.. We usually have on the night only specials too!

* Wednesday 26th April – The Guts Of The Matter
Join Margaret Garratt, one of our incredibly talented Nutritionists and Tiina Hogg, our Head Naturopath for this discussion about your gut! We’ll delve into how it all works and look at ways that you can easily and daily maximise your gut health. Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, famously said “All disease starts in the gut”.. don’t let one start in yours!



* Wednesday 3rd May – Healing Families with Leah Follett – Author Talk, book signing + Q&A 

Leah Follett, author of A WELL FED HEART, will be speaking candidly about the “lessons learnt” revealing BOTH the success and failures of her journey to finding family balance.

Leah will share:
– Her family’s recovery
– Discuss the outcomes achievable when you listen to your body
– The importance of assembling your “wellbeing team” for life long healing and learning, and
–  The lifestyle changes that brought the biggest gains. (Top tips for every family)

Leah Follett is a writer, teacher and author who discovered that true health required a much deeper level of education than what she had been taught as a mother of a new baby. After years of family ill-health, Leah finally started to make inroads into recovering her family from the specific symptoms of food intolerance, asthma, poor immune function, autism and obesity.

Leah currently works as a writer, health mentor and consultant. She is a recipe developer with a deep interest in raw chocolate. Books will be available for purchase on the night. Leah will be joined by our Founder and Naturopath, Tiina Hogg for this talk.



* Wednesday 10th May – Stress Less
Join Dr Mark Uren, our amazing Chiropractor to learn about the many ways that you can reduce stress. Mark has over 35 years in clinical practice doing what he does best. His speciality lies in treating whats known as ‘Sympathetic Dominance’ – basically a state of stress in the body, and correcting this. Mark will be joined by Tiina Hogg, our Head Naturopath for this discussion. Tiina has extensive experience working with stress and adrenal fatigue. Mark and Tiina commonly collaborate together over their work.

All our Wellness Talks are free community events. Bookings are required though as space is limited. These are held in our gorgeous Himalayan salt room. You can book your spot online by searching ‘wellness talks’ or by calling us on 9713 8688.