Five December Health Essentials

If you can’t get to our detoxifying and de-stressing sauna everyday, then here’s our Top Five December Health Essentials to maintain your wellbeing and to see you well through the festive season rush and fun!

1. Liver help.

Most of us eat too much, drink too much, stay up too late, or take on too much in December. This all takes a huge toll on our liver. Our liver is responsible for detoxing all above mentioned things out of us, so it’s a good idea to give it a bit of a helping hand as the year wraps up. Don’t do December without it!

We stock a variety of liver herbs (tablets and liquids) that we recommend become a part of your daily wellness routine!

2. Charcoal.

Charcoal is an incredible detoxifier. It carries a charge and attracts toxins to it, essentially trapping them in little cages, and taking them out of your body, via your stool. This is a great one to take just before bed to help your body get rid of any toxins whilst you sleep! Charcoal is fantastic for helping get rid of excess wind too. It’s a powerful supplement for relief of gas and bloating.

3. Digestive enzymes.

These beauties help you get the most out of food as well as aiding digestion. Great for when you find yourself at impromptu parties with a selection of foods that your tummy is not so sure about. Perfect to tuck away in your bag for emergencies! They’ll help you feel less bloated and much more comfortable on the digestion front.

4. B vitamins.

B vitamins are great for energy, and at this time of the year, they’re very wonderful for detoxing alcohol too. They are also critical for our stress response and for keeping a cool, calm head.

5. Zinc.

Zinc is depleted by alcohol, so for those hitting lots of Chrissy parties, this one’s a great one to keep on hand to ensure you have good levels. It’s a critical part of getting rid of hangovers. We can test your zinc levels at Saltuary with a quick 10 second test to ascertain if your levels are sufficient or not. Our Zinc Tally test costs $10. No need to book in, just pop in and ask.

We stock all of the above things at Saltuary.

Here’s to sailing through December wearing one huge happy wellness smile!

… tiina xx