Detox – Week 1

One week after implementing the first stage of the detox program I am starting to really feel the changes in my body. My skin and eyes are glowing, I have more energy and my tummy feels trimmer. As expected I had some headaches to begin with, like a constant dull ache across the front of my head, but that’s all part of it…it means it’s working, and all the toxins are being released. There were times where I really wanted some comfort food and coffee in this cold weather but willpower kicked in and I am feeling much better for staying on track. Now I have no cravings for sugar (beloved chocolate) and I am functioning perfectly fine without coffee. My digestion has drastically improved… even on day 2 I could see a positive change. Before I commenced the detox I had small amount of dermatitis on my face and it is starting to calm down. I have swapped to a natural toothpaste and as of today I will be using the Juniper Calming skin range. Juniper is an organic natural skin care range with high quality, therapeutic ingredients that are very healing and nutritive for your skin…not to mention luxurious. My skin is in for a treat!
I am looking forward to feeling and seeing the progress this detox gives to me after 6 weeks.

Tulsi xx