detox and fat loss

Detox & Fat Loss Program

Keen to lose fat, enjoy more energy? Have clearer thinking, clearer skin? Then join Gillian (our Chiropractor) and Tiina (our Naturopath) for our Detox and Fat Loss Group Wellness Program!

Why Group Wellness?

  • It builds community - you do better with support!
  • It builds accountability! Keeps your goals on the radar!
  • It enhances commitment and gets better results!
  • It breaks down the barrier of individual cost - its cheaper to do things in groups!

Join us for this fantastic 4 week program focused on detox and fat loss. Gillian and Tiina have been running programs like this with private clients for years and have now combined forces to bring you the best of both worlds in an incredibly cost effective way!

Find Your Tribe!

Our detox and fat loss program allows for a maximum of 10 people per group. We will meet at Saltuary every week on Tuesday from 6 - 7pm. The dates for the next program are:

  • 28th Aug
  • 4th Sep
  • 11th Sep
  • 18th Sep

Gillian and Tiina will host each weekly session together, sharing their knowledge from many years of practice. Gillian will also take you through measured functional movement each week to ensure you leave the program measurably stronger than when you started!

Tiina will be discussing your body and health from a naturopathic and nutritional base. You'll be given booklets, recipes, supplements, handouts and a whole stack of health inspiration and education!

People who have completed similar programs with Gillian and Tiina have lost at least 1kg of FAT each week - incredible!

Prior to starting the program, you are required to attend Saltuary for a body composition analysis (takes about 10 mins). You will be given your analysis report at your first meeting. 

During this first session, Gillian and Tiina will walk you through the program and how to easily achieve your best results. Over the 4 weeks, you'll  be educated on how to continue on with healthy choices for life, whilst building friendships to continue on with.

Community is where it's at people, and it's your lifestyle that is your ultimate medicine.

Live well, and you'll more than likely be well too!

During our weekly meet ups, we'll focus on health education tailored to optimised health and fat loss. Depending on each groups specific needs, sessions can be easily tailored to suit the group.

Lifestyle IS the medicine!

The cost for the 4 weeks is $470 and you'll receive:

  • 4 x 1 hour meet ups hosted by Gillian and Tiina
  • Practitioner only products to help you achieve the best results
  • Ketostix to measure your fat burning
  • A health journal to keep track of everything (essential for troubleshooting any problems)
  • Discounted rates on other Saltuary services
  • Lots of educational handouts
  • 20 mins of weekly Functional Movement guidance
  • Body composition analysis report x 2

You in?

To apply for your spot, simply complete the application form below.

Please note, there will be some situations where a group style program will not be suitable for you. We will individually assess your answers and advise suitability within 24 hours. A minimum of 3 participants is required for each program to go ahead.