You are about 75% water…

October 21, 2016

Lets start this one with some facts:

– You are made up of around 60% to 75% water – strange thought, but true.
– You are comprised of more bugs, by way of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc., than you are of ‘human’ cells. For everyone 1 human cell you have, its estimated that you have about 10 ‘bug’ cells. Therefore, you are more bug, than you are human!
– Chlorine is put into our tap water. The aim of chlorine is to kill bugs.
– If you drink chlorinated tap water, you are killing a large part of what makes up ‘you’. All those bacteria that live in and on us are critical to good health.
– Our tap water contains fluoride. A recent study found that communities with fluoridated water are nearly twice as likely to suffer from hypothyroidism (symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, depression, etc).

Our tap water is contaminated with a lot of ‘extras’ today. From fluoride to chlorine, to traces of medications, algae, rust and many other toxins, tap water definitely isn’t ‘pure water’ any more.

We’ve recently started stocking Zazen Alkaline Water Filters here at Saltuary. We’ve been using one at here since we began, and we love it. We’ve also got one at home (which we also love!).

Zazen Alkaline Water Filters require no plumbing, and you simply pour tap water into the top. What you end up with, is pure, clean drinking water containing essential minerals, electrolytes, and water that is highly alkaline, saving you lots of money if you buy bottled alkaline water, not to mention saving on plastic bottles! If you are currently buying bottled alkaline water, Zazen will give you alkaline water at just 5c per litre!

So what is so amazing about ‘alkaline water’?
Our bodies are constantly working to balance our acid and alkaline levels (known as our body’s pH). An alkaline state is important for wellness, whereas an acidic state brews illness, putting a huge strain on our kidneys, which are responsible for filtering the fluids in our body. Acidic states are very common these days due to our heavily processed diets, our over consumption of factory farmed, highly inflammatory, phosphorus rich animal produce (phosphorus is acidic), the vast amount of medications that many people are on (some of them necessary), chronic, ongoing stress, etc. In this day and age, where it’s said that parents will outlive their children due to the widespread chronic ailments for the first time in history, it’s never been more important to drink good quality, clean and alkaline water.

Alkaline water hydrates you on a cellular level, helping to restore the delicate and critical pH balance to the body. It assists with detoxification, helps you to focus and perform at your best, and ultimately, plays a large role in helping prevent chronic disease and illness.

zazen-compare-table               double sided A4 1

I see a lot of people in clinic who drink oodles of water, yet are completely dehydrated. I undertake a body composition analysis with them, and it blows me away to see just how many people are completely dehydrated. When we drink ‘dirty’ water, it doesn’t hydrate our cells, and we begin experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, fuzzy thinking, constipation, etc. With our blood being around 80% water, not to mention a vast amount of brain being made of the stuff – dirty water just doesn’t cut it, does it?

Zazen Alkaline Water Filters filter out the following:

[table id=4 /]

If you are keen on trying the difference of this water, please visit Saltuary and help yourself to a glass!

The cost? There are 2 options for the filters, both come with the entire kit, containing everything you need. They take around 10 mins to set up and it’s super easy and simple to do. We are happy to offer a payment plan for the filters, allowing you to pay them off with 3 installments over a 6 week period.

Option 1: BPA Free ‘Bottom Tank’ $495


Option 2: Glass ‘Bottom Tank’ $645

We have both in store now! For more on their filtration systems, see their website:

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