Tai Chi: New to Saltuary

June 2, 2016


Last month, our fabulous Saltuary team tried their hand at Tai Chi and Meditation in a staff class held in our beautiful Himalayan Salt Room. It’s our way of ensuring quality control! Our team enjoyed the experience so much we’ve decided to start holding regular workshops!

We are very excited to announce that from May, you too can enjoy the wonders of Tai Chi! We invite you to experience the healing benefits of both this ancient martial art and our much-loved Himalayan Salt Room.

‘Whoever practices Tai Chi regularly will in time gain the suppleness of a child, the strength of a lion, and the peace of mind of a sage.’ –Old Chinese Proverb

What is Tai Chi?

The practice of Tai Chi originates from traditional Chinese culture. It promotes mental concentration as a tool for harnessing physical health and wellbeing, as well as developing combat and self-defence skills. There are many different forms of Tai Chi. At Saltuary, our new instructor will be teaching a combination of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Where does Tai Chi originate?

Based on Qigong and martial art techniques from thousands of years ago, the principles of Tai Chi are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Taoism focuses upon finding the natural balance in all things and living in harmony with the spiritual and physical patterns of nature. According to this philosophy, everything is composed of two entirely complimentary opposites, yin and yang, which work in a relationship of perpetual balance.

Who can participate?

Tai Chi can be practiced by anyone of any age, regardless of fitness level! It is characterised by contrasting and complimentary movements; for example, slow and soft versus fast and hard. Tai Chi movements contain power coupled with low stances, meaning they are well-suited for most people.

Why Tai Chi?

The benefits of Tai Chi are widely-recognised by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, Tai Chi is the recommended art of physiotherapy used in TCM. Not only can it improve your movement and physical health, it can benefit your mental health as well. Tai Chi incorporates breathing exercises and mental concentration techniques that connect and enhance the mind, body and spirit.

The movements undertaken in Tai Chi are very low-impact and gentle, putting minimal strain on your joints and muscles. This means that the risk of injury is very low. Tai Chi is non-competitive and can be practiced on your own or with a group. It’s a great social activity that takes up very little space. Forget gym memberships—you can practice Tai Chi anywhere, anytime. You may have even seen people practicing in public parks!

How does Tai Chi benefit my health?

Many of the health benefits of Tai Chi are derived from the slow, gentle and tranquil movements that enable harmony in mind and body, improving mobility, suppleness and mental alertness. In China, it’s believed that Tai Chi can delay aging and prolong life!

Most research surrounding the benefits of Tai Chi has been conducted on older participants, focusing on balance and fall prevention. The importance of this research is imperative, however, as fall-related injuries are a leading cause of disability and even death amongst the elderly.

Other health benefits also include:

  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Increased aerobic ability
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Improved mental concentration
  • Reduced stress levels

Experience the extensive therapeutic benefits that Tai Chi has to offer! We will be holding 1 hour workshops on the last Sunday of every month. Everyone is welcome to one class at an Introductory Rate of $25, after this, classes will be $40. Book a session at Saltuary today!

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