Prostate cancer prevention

November 12, 2015


This month is Movember, raising awareness for men’s health issues. Prostate cancer, being the second most common cancer among men, is a crucial part of the Movember campaign. Did you know that there are many all-natural remedies that can assist in prostate cancer prevention? We thought so! Read on to find out more.

When it comes to prostate cancer prevention, there is of course no guaranteed “easy fix”. There are, however, many preventative measures you can take to reduce your risk factor. Certified natural therapists can provide you with guidance and expertise specific to prostate cancer prevention.

Let’s start with the basics

To begin with, it’s important to think about the basics. Do you dedicate time each day to exercise? Do you sleep solidly each night? Is your diet varied and rich in vitamins and minerals? Do you take dietary supplements to target any vitamin deficiencies you might have?

How you look after your body dramatically impacts your overall capacity to “bounce back” from illness. Your immunity and longevity correlate directly with your general state of health and wellbeing. As your body ages, basic considerations such as diet, physical fitness and sleep become even more vital.

In addition to eating a balanced, preferably organic diet with minimal processed, sugary and fatty foods, dietary supplements can assist in boosting your immune system and targeting specific vitamin deficiencies. Be careful, however, when selecting natural supplements. Synthetic vitamins, such as synthetic vitamin E, actually act as anti-vitamins, inhibiting the restorative effects of actual vitamins!

Boost your vitamin D levels

Prostate cancer cells lose the ability to activate vitamin D—an essential vitamin for fighting disease and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. To lessen your risk of prostate cancer, it’s a good idea to boost your vitamin D levels. Make sure you  soak up the sunshine and if needed, take good quality supplements.

Complementary health professionals can test your vitamin D levels and provide the necessary supplements. Having too much vitamin D can be as problematic as too little, so if in doubt, seek professional advice.

You are what you eat

Did you know that lycopene is wonderfully nutritious for the prostate gland? Lycopene is found in tomato juice, paste and sauces. A 240ml cup of tomato juice provides 23mg of lycopene. Try making your own sauce/paste from organic tomatoes. Take a few tablespoons each day as a nutritional boost.

Beware heterocyclic amines! These are VERY carcinogenic compounds, found from cooking at a very high heat. To avoid these dangerous compounds, cook slowly and on a low heat.

When cooking meat, a handy tip is to pour 1 – 2ml of quality virgin, cold-pressed and preferably organic olive oil onto the meat. Prior to cooking, leave the meat for about 20 minutes, and the polyphenols from the olive oil will form a protective layer around the meat as it cooks! Eating meats with brussel sprouts, garlic, turmeric and chilli will decrease your exposure to heterocyclic amines.

Spice up your life

Like all other chronic diseases, prostate cancer is an inflammatory condition, so keep the reduction of inflammation on your radar. Herbs such as turmeric, rosemary, ginger can assist in this. Additionally, certified Herbalists or Naturopaths can provide potently anti-inflammatory tonics tailored to your needs.

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