Product of the Month – Superfeast Medicinal Mushrooms

April 4, 2018

This month we’re featuring the entire range by Superfeast (Medicinal Mushrooms) because we couldn’t just pick one of them due to their collective superpowers! Read on for the monthly special on them too!

The Superfeast range is comprised of medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs.. so what exactly are these?

Tonic Herbs

Tonic herbs are known as ‘adaptogens’. Adaptogens, as the name suggests, help you to ‘adapt’ to stressors in life, such as physical, emotional, environmental stress etc. They give you a bit of extra oomph to face life’s challenges. Rather than supporting one specific organ, adaptogens support our major body systems (eg: immune system, hormonal system, etc), and regulatory processes such as blood sugar balance.

Medicinal Mushrooms 

Medicinal mushrooms are some of the most prized tonic herbs upon this beautiful planet of ours!

They are super easy to use in everything (well almost everything anyway).. We love using them in baking, we put them in porridge, into our smoothies, tea, coffee etc.

Based on traditional, ancient wisdom, here’s what this range can do for you….

Product Range

Masons mushrooms:

A tonic combo of herbs to help you adapt to stress, enhance immunity and fight fatigue.

Beauty Blend:

A combo of high antioxidant nutrients (with pearl shell thrown in!) to enhance libido lifting hormones, improve circulation and to nourish the skin. The name says it all really..


Our ‘jing’ is said to be depleted when our kidneys and adrenals are burned out – stress, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue anyone?


Reishi is known as the primary Shen (or ‘spirit’) tonic, revered throughout the ages for bringing peace to body, mind and spirit. Its used to enhance energy, vitality and can be a great stress helper!


This ones known as “the king of medicinal mushrooms’, and has been touted as being the most adaptogenic substance on earth! It’s your ultimate immune booster.

Lions Mane:

Lions mane is mind blowing – literally! It’s a ‘nootropic’, which means it’s brain enhancing and helps to promote a healthier, sharper brain and nervous system.


Touted the ‘athletes tonic’ for its ability to aid physical power and stamina. For a mind bending explanation of how this reproduces, watch this video.

He Shou Wu:

For restoring depleted vitality, and giving your burnt out adrenals some serious love! Your adrenals are responsible for how well you cope with stress, so if you haven’t been doing so well on that front, this might be your tonic…

Schizandra Berry:

A great one for helping to protect your adrenals from excessive stress. It’s also a wonderful liver helper. Schizandra is said to help you ‘hunt for sabre all day and night’ – that of course, would take some serious energy, giving you an idea of this one!

Astragalus root:

A potent immune booster.

Eucommia Bark:

Used in Chinese tonic herbalism for building a strong, sturdy & flexible skeletal structure. We’ve heard it described as the one to help keep you ‘all bendy and stretchy’!

Deer Antler Velvet:

Testosterone enhancing, helping to improve lean muscle mass and to support strengthen and power. A personal trainer who buys this from us says it’s amazing for this!


Dubbed the ‘beauty mineral’, MSM is a building block for healthy skin, joints, hair and nails. It’s anti inflammatory and helps to dissolve ‘bad’ calcium throughout the body and to detox ‘bad’ estrogen through its role as a gentle liver cleanser. Hormones, enzymes, antibodies and antioxidants all depend on it.

We’ve also just received their brand new products, Neural Nectar, Tremella and Shiitake..


-> Mention reading this blog at time of purchase, and we’ll thank you with a whooping 20% OFF the entire Superfeast range throughout April!

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