Product of the Month – Our Herbal Tonics

May 3, 2018

Many of you swear by our herbal tonics, lovingly designed and hand poured here in-house at Saltuary.

We have a huge herbal dispensary and can mix herbs to your specific needs after a consultation, but did you know that we also offer ready made tonics, for you to grab and go! Herbal medicines have been used for centuries. Our Naturopath is trained in Western Herbal Medicine, and Paul Tang, our newest team member, is well versed in Traditional Chinese Herbs – so we have your needs covered!

Immune Booster

This ones designed, as the name suggests, to give your immune system a boost. It’s a great one at the change of seasons, especially when heading into the colder months, and all those lovely winter lurgies begin to make their way around!

Herbal ‘Antibiotic’

Contains antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anti microbial and anti viral herbs to help eliminate what may be troubling you. In this day and age of antibiotic resistance being a very serious health problem, it’s good to know that there are options.

Liver Tonic

Our liver is top dog when it comes to the performance of hundreds of our body’s functions. If it’s not working optimally, then a number of other things may not be either. It’s not just drinking alcohol that hammers our livers, things like stress, bad diets and a lack of sleep can also put added stress on it too.

Happy Tummy Tonic

Bloating? Indigestion? Feel full too quickly? Burping? Windy? Hhhmmm…. might be time to try out our happy tummy tonic!

Herbal Sleep Tonic

A calming combination of herbs to help you count less sheep and enjoy more zzzz’s…

Anti Snot Tonic

Need we say more with that name? 🙂

Herbal Cough Syrup

Barking like a hoarse seal? This one’s designed to soothe your throat and calm that irritating cough.

Fatigue Fighter

Dragging the old ball and chain? Is it getting heavy and heavier? This one might help to recover some of your energy, to get you grooving again 🙂

Herbal Head Cold

Again, the name really says it all. Herbal support to help you get over head colds quick!

  • There are certain conditions that these herbs cannot be used with. We will go through this with you before you purchase any herbs from us!

May Special

If you buy two or more herbal tonics you will receive 15% OFF your purchase when you mention this blog! Stock up for winter with tonics to keep you and your family healthy. Visit us in-store or call us for more information.

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