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November 5, 2017

I LOVE working with fat loss! I see such amazing results with it when I put clients on a ketogenic diet – it’s very rewarding for both them and me!

Saltuary’s Fat Loss Program

Ketogenic fat loss programs lead to rapid fat loss, whilst maintaining muscle loss, which is where they differ from most other weight loss programs. Putting people on a ketogenic program can be a fast process, or a slower and steadier one. I have clients who are willing to do exactly what it takes to shred that fat, and shred it quick, whilst others simply wish to adopt the eating principles, changing their diet slowly, whilst still benefiting from burning fat in the long run.

Due to the rapid fat loss, this program is incredibly motivating. Fast, visible results mean even more dedicated action. Yes of course it takes commitment, but when that is there, when someone has a goal to be healthier and leaner for whatever drives them to want that, it gets results.

Depending on the persons overall health, sometimes we need to treat aspects such as stress or toxicity, or even something like insulin resistance alongside or prior to, as these can slow or hinder fat burning. This is generally done with additional herbal or nutritional supplements. If you think of running a marathon – it takes preparation right. Of course you could just get out and run one, with no training etc – but you’d probably not do so well or recover well, and most likely, have a high chance of injury. Fat loss is the same. Best results are always achieved with preparation. Managing stress levels and getting yourself to a point where you are able and ready to achieve it, as well as doing meal planning / prep, and having an understanding of what the body needs to be able to achieve this – it’s all critical, and all a part of what I work through with you.

How does it work?

The program consists of eating 3 healthy meals per day, with 2 protein and fat rich snacks. I encourage people to focus on food, as opposed to shakes during this program. We do have shakes available, but I suggest that these are on hand only for the times that you are caught unprepared with regards to food prep. As my clients know, I let them have shakes pretty begrudgingly, as shakes are not what you will spend the rest of your life eating.

To maintain this way of eating throughout life, education on how to do so is critical to your long term health and a part of what I ensure throughout the program. Naturopathy is, after all, about empowering you and educating you, to take care of your own health.

Essentially, this program switches your body from burning carbohydrates as it’s preferred fuel, to burning fat – ‘stored’ fat! So all those wobbly bellies, thats what we tempt your body into burning for its daily fuel.

Dietary changes are required for most people, and we work through these together. I measure your body’s fat and hydration levels weekly at the beginning. As we progress further, this tends to become fortnightly, and then monthly as you get into the swing of the program. Fat loss varies, but if you know anyone who’s done this under my guidance, you’ll know that around the 1kg mark of ‘fat’ is lost most weeks (as long as you have that to lose of course!).

Are you ready to lose some unwanted fat for summer?

Fat loss is one of my favourite areas to work with, as it gives SO much back to the individual. People get more energy, they feel happier, lighter, younger. I’m privileged to watch the spring in their step get bigger and bigger each week! When fat loss becomes a reality for someone, their energy is so completely infectious, impacting their life in such a positive way – something that I get excited to be a part of.

It’s really important to work closely together at the start with fat loss. This enables your motivation to stay on track, and gives us the chance to iron out kinks to get you on the road to fat burning success quickly.

If you’re keen to reboot your body and drop some fat, book in a consultation today (schedule below or get our Saltuary App). If you’d like more information, give us a call on 9713 8688.

Yours in health.. Tiina, Saltuary’s Head Naturopath.

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