Meet Kate our Acupuncturist at Wentworth Point

May 18, 2020
Meet Kate our Acupuncturist at Wentworth Point

“It never ceases to amaze me how an Acupuncturist can benefit members of society and achieve optimal health, regardless of what is happening in their life. It is incredibly rewarding to feel the body can change, during and after treatment. I especially love the fact that Acupuncture treatments can be gentle and relaxing.

As a practitioner I am interested in each patient’s story, and what has brought them to receive treatment. To ensure the best possible outcome for all my clients, I believe that it is essential to listen to their unique stories so that I can devise a respectful treatment plan and provide the best possible treatment option. I strongly value developing a professional relationship with my clients that includes clearly explaining my actions while I am treating, if they have questions or are curious. I think it is beneficial for the patient to be involved and understand their treatments, as this can alleviate any fears or concerns.

How Acupuncture may help
Helping with fertility has been one of my most rewarding experiences as an Acupuncturist. It begins with getting the body in the most optimal state for conception through to the incredibly joyous moment when you find out that someone has conceived. Acupuncture can then continue to be beneficial throughout the pregnancy, for both mother and child.

Given the current situation in the world, everyone has suffered a little emotionally with all that has been happening. Acupuncture can not only treat physical discomforts but also has great success in reducing stress and anxiety. If you are finding Isolation affecting your mental health, acupuncture may be the solution to restoring your peace of mind.”

Kate works at our Wentworth Point centre as both a clinic assistant and Acupuncturist, so do drop in to have a quick chat or make an Acupuncture booking now.

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