Is Float Therapy good for jet lag?

July 9, 2015

While most people use float as a way of deep relaxation, there are a number of other great uses to tap into. One worth exploring at this time of year is using float therapy to reduce the impact of jet lag.

We’re well and truly into the winter now, which in Australia means travelling as much as possible. The only downside is the killer jet lag, making us sleepy and headachey at work, nauseous and just generally feeling run down. It’s the worst way to cap off a nice holiday. It’s known that jet lag is generally worse travelling west to east, so for those of us in Australia, coming home can be the toughest journey.

The reason we recommend float therapy for jet lag is because the deep relaxation you achieve in the float room will have you feeling rested. A one-hour float session is like getting 4-6 hours sleep, helping to convince your body to readjust circadian rhythms to the new time zone.

  • The sensation of being in a float gives you a sense of peace and true happiness.
  • It’s the high mineral content in the water that gives you a literal feeling of weightlessness.
  • The temperature is set to body temperature, so you can’t feel where the water starts and your body ends.
  • This complete uncoupling from your body will make you feel extra rested.

We recommend that you book your post-holiday session now as part of your travel checklist.

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