Back to School: Child Check-Up

March 12, 2015

So you’ve bought new lunchboxes, stocked up the pencil case and sent your kids off to school. You’ve ticked all those back to school boxes to make sure that your child is all set for the term ahead.

But now that the settling in period is over, you just want to make sure everything is okay. You’re not one of those helicopter parents, we know. But you care.

It’s just about that time where you want to do one last check and maybe give your little one a mid-term boost.


This is the big one. All those hours at school, you want to make sure they’re not falling asleep after lunchtime or climbing out the windows as soon as it’s time to hit the books.

Did you know?
Our naturopath has two children of her own and treats them herself for most ailments, that’s because everything we have at Saltuary is the very best. From concentration to sleeplessness, we have some amazing tips and a range of high quality, ‘practitioner only’ supplements to get you in top shape.


We all know that good posture is important, but how often are we checking that we have it correct. What does correct posture even look like? As your kids get older it seems like they’re carrying a tonne of bricks around with them each day.

Did you know?
We do free postural checks and we can teach you and your kids the best way to carry heavy school bags.


Sometimes it’s hard to make sure your kids are getting the best diet. When you’re busy all the time and you need to choose between chopping up carrot sticks or a packet of chips, guess which gets a win sometimes?

Did you know?
Our holistic health care covers gut function and nutrition tips tailored to your needs.

A date for your diary.. Danielle, from Food To Nourish, will be visiting our store with all her dairy free, gluten free, sugar free and vegan treats on Thursday 26th March from 4.30pm – 6.30pm. Come along to learn more about nutrient dense and amazingly yummy ways to feed you and your family! It’s a free event and there’ll be samples galore.. mmmm….

Bonus tip!

Healthy, happy parents make for healthy, happy children, so why don’t you book yourself a check-up while you’re asking us about your little one. You can contact us to make a booking, or simply walk in and talk us.

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