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Kick Recurrent Infections To The Kerb by boosting your immunity

Weak Immunity Are you sick of feeling sick? Do you shudder when someone coughs nearby because you  know you’re going to get sick? Do you often complete a course of antibiotics to treat an infection, only for it to return a month later? You are not alone…. and it’s likely your immunity needs attention! Factors…

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Launching our Group Wellness Program!

Keen to lose fat, enjoy more energy? Have clearer thinking, clearer skin? Then join Gillian, our Chiropractor, and Tiina, our Naturopath for our very first Group Wellness Program! Why Group Wellness? It builds community – you do better with support! It builds accountability! Keeps your goals on the radar! It enhances commitment and gets better…

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Time for a wellness tune up?

Wellness tune ups and maintenance If you value your health, then it’s important that you have wellness tune ups and check ups to maintain your wellbeing. Most people regularly get their car serviced to make sure it’s running optimally and to prolong the life of the car. They also won’t hesitate to book the car…

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Acupuncture Focus: Fertility

Paul Tang has recently joined our team! He is an experienced TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner, using acupuncture, remedial massage, cupping and herbal medicine throughout his treatments. He specialises in the treatment of pain, using a combination of remedial massage & acupuncture. He’s also passionate about treating women’s health, internal diseases, fertility, depression, anxiety, and…

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Product of the Month – Our Herbal Tonics

Many of you swear by our herbal tonics, lovingly designed and hand poured here in-house at Saltuary. We have a huge herbal dispensary and can mix herbs to your specific needs after a consultation, but did you know that we also offer ready made tonics, for you to grab and go! Herbal medicines have been…

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