A different concept to balanced health and well being, not found anywhere else

Our vision is to be the holistic health partner for anyone seeking a healthier and happier life. We’re the partner that you want to have in your life and we want our customers for life! Our mission is to build healthier and happier communities by focusing on your individual health and well being through integrated natural therapies.

Since inception, we've assisted people from all walks of life to achieve greater health and well being through our comprehensive natural therapies. It's not just the therapies that people enjoy – it's the whole Saltuary experience –  uplifting and transformational in every sense -   underpinned by the following:


Our Team

Personable, Friendly, Caring & Compassionate Team

We’re always willing to help and take the time to understand individual requirements to provide targeted and integrated therapies that transform.

Our Advice

Expert, Professional, Reliable & Honest Advice

We’re trusted advisors. We believe in nurturing relationships for the long-term – we’re in it with our clients for the long haul.

Our Outlook

A Passionate Outlook & Approach to Healthy Living

We love working side-by-side with people to transform their lives through better health and happiness.

Our Space

Saltuary Centre

Offers an inclusive and welcoming environment where anyone and everyone is welcome

Our Therapies

Natural & Modern

Bringing the latest natural health therapies and technologies to our clients first.