Building healthier and happier communities through a holistic approach to health

Saltuary is a family owned business started by James and Tiina Hogg. Before starting Saltuary, Tiina had long been fascinated and passionate about all things health, about the different journeys people take to heal and to find their happiness. A fully qualified naturopath, Tiina has had the pleasure of treating people from all corners of the globe for an enormous range of complaints - be physical, emotional or spiritual.

Saltuary is a special place where people feel restored, nurtured and comforted with a sense of relief, rejuvenation and relaxation . When you leave Saltuary, you feel better and are better.

“I want everyone, every single time that they leave our centre, to know that their life is richer for something they experienced, learnt or felt whilst with us. I feel privileged in being able to share not just my own naturopathic life journey with others, but to offer it in the surroundings of a centre like Saltuary. This is one very big labour of love for me. Thank you for sharing it!"

Tiina Hogg

After having a burning desire to run a business for many years, a business that is part of the community and provides real benefits to people, Tiina and James are delighted with what they have started and look forward to the ongoing growth and evolution of Saltuary as a health partner for not just the people of Sydney, but in time Australia.

“Tiina and I have been searching for a business that suited us and our family for several years. We have come close a couple of times, but when the Saltuary concept came up in conversation one night, we knew this was the one and was the perfect fit for our values and dreams. I am very excited about the opening for Saltuary and providing our services to the community.”

James Hogg