The Saltuary Story

What if you could love your life? And have the energy to do it all?”

Saltuary was established by naturopath Tiina and husband James as a haven for Sydney-siders sick of feeling stressed and worn out.

They wanted to create more than just a relaxing place to go. They wanted a place where people could go for expert nurture, understanding, support – and healing.

A place where people could recharge and renew; and emerge energised, strengthened and ready to take on the world.

A place where you can find a better version of yourself.

A unique understanding of stress

Saltuary brings together the most powerful and effective therapies for stress all under one roof:

Salt therapy, float therapy, infrared sauna, naturopathy, acupuncture, chiro and massage.

In so doing, it brings you a deep understanding of stress: how it works, how it affects you, and what to do about it.

Expert therapies

Our team of therapists are here to support you. They work together as a team to help you treat and heal your health issues properly.

All our therapists have indepth training and qualifications and were handpicked to join the Saltuary team because of their deep understanding, empathy, care – and life-changing results.

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Our Sydney Locations

Based in Five Dock, Sydney, Saltuary helps thousands of people move beyond stress management, to be able to thrive, flourish and enjoy their busy life.

And now, Saltuary is expanding to more locations in Sydney with the same core principles, values and offering.

Visit Saltuary to discover healthier, happier you ……

A more energised you

A more relaxed you

A more balanced you